Life : A Nice Lesson

One day, a boy went to a shop with his mother.

The shopkeeper looked at the small cute child and showed him a bottle
with sweets and said,

“Dear child, you can have some.”

But, the child didn’t take any.

The shopkeeper was surprised … such a small child and he was not
helping himself. Again, he offered some to the boy.

Now, the mother also heard that and repeated what the shopkeeper had

Once more, the boy didn’t move his hand.

The shopkeeper seeing this, himself gave some to the child. The boy was
happy to get two hands-full of sweets.

While returning home, the Mother asked the child,

“Why didn’t you help yourself to the sweets, when the shopkeeper let you
take them?”

Can you guess the response?

The child replied,

“Mummy, my hands are very small and I could have only grasped a few
sweets. But, you see, when the shopkeeper himself gave them to me with
his big hands … I got so many more!!

When we take by ourselves, we may get just a little, but, when God gives
… He gives us more – beyond our expectations!

Sumber : Anynomous


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